Energy Shift

The past two weeks has been filled with me pouring my energy into things that bring me no joy, no happiness, and no fulfillment. I’ve been angry, sad, tense; and had so much negativity pulsing through my veins, that my body has been in literal pain. I mean like sore feet, sore back, sore spots directly on my scalp. It was almost as if all the frustration I had been feeling was starting to manifest itself into physical dis-ease. However even when I was in the midst of complaining about being disappointed, scared, angry, or what have you, there was always a voice in the back of my head going… “Why this feeling? Is this really important? How do you really want to feel? What feeling are you chasing?”

While I was actually chasing madness, fear, sadness and anger, the feelings I longed for were peace, calm, joy, and love. Yet my mind was so cloudy, that I couldn’t see through the fog of my own mess, to get back to the place that I needed to be. So I had to clean it up, and calm my mind.

A calm mind is the platform from which all positive energy derives, and from which visualization happens.

I had to calm my mind, organize my thoughts, and once again begin to focus on bringing out the good that already lived within. It is in this space that unto me, the things I had told the Universe I wanted, were going to begin to draw nearer again.
Finally, my spirit was so uneasy that I knew enough was enough. I got up at the end of the day, left my office, drove to get my son, and once home I began to CLEAN up my mess. Now let’s get one thing straight, my house is pretty well put together; however, I had things in my home that did not belong, and thus was throwing off my energy and balance. The outside world is already filled with opposing energies that mean you no good, but when that same negative energy spills into your home, it is then that you need to clear your space, in order to clean your mind.


So, I went through my closets, kitchen, baskets & drawers, and found anything that either belonged to someone else that no longer belonged in my home, or I no longer needed. I got rid of food that wasn’t good for my body. I threw out trash, old papers, anything that was going to mentally, emotionally, or physically hold me back from elevating to the next level. Once everything was bagged up, stored away, and moved out, I began to feel better.

All energy must return to it’s source. That’s a fact. Whatever someone does to you, they’re really doing those things to themselves. They lie to you, mistreat you, harm you; it all must return to it’s source in one way or another. So with my energy being so negative, disruptive, angry and what have you, I realized that by NO means did I want it to return to my house; or my temple(body). With a clean house, mind, and spirit, one can then begin to call those things you want to be, to be.

I know this all may seem outlandish, and a little far-fetched, but believe me when I tell you, a clear mind and a conscious thought process has brought so much abundance into my life. More than I ever imagined. Therefore, I will end this post with this takeaway. Having a positive outlook is a daily practice, that must be a DAILY PRACTICE. I will continue my daily practice of keeping my thoughts clear of negativity, anger, sadness, or anything that is anti my success or well-being. To be anti one thing, means to be PRO another. So, in order for me to have the things I say I want to have, my energy must shift from being against what I don’t want, and only focused on PRO what I do.

-The best is yet to come. Just believe and receive-

One thought on “Energy Shift

  1. This is a great post! I’m addicted to Marie Kondo and everything about decluttering…and you’ve really nailed what it’s all about in your post. Thanks for sharing!


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