You Earned It… And it’s all your fault!

We tend to believe that things happen to us, rather than things just happening and we drew it unto us. What I mean is, we like to say things like, “I guess I have bad luck”, rather than, “maybe this happened to me, because I was resonating in a space that warranted these actions occur in my life”. I know no one would ever say that last statement out loud in front of people. The truth is however, that everything that happens to us is a direct result of how we feel or don’t feel about something going on in our lives. If I feel happy, more joyful and happy things will happen to me. However, if I constantly feel miserable, and say what I don’t want to happen to me, somehow those are the exact things that seem to constantly pop up. Have you ever felt bad, frustrated, or angry, and it just seemed like more bad things kept happening? Welp, you earned it, and it’s your fault.
This is a tough pill to swallow, and you’re not going to like what I have to say. Hell, it was difficult for me to accept in the beginning, and at times is still hard for me to deal with; but all the things that happen to me in my life, I’ve somehow drawn it all unto myself. I brought about the depression, I brought about the liars and cheaters I’ve dated, I brought about the drama at work; yep all the things that I say I despise, are all things I’ve “conjured” up to cause my own grief. Pretty pitiful if you ask me.

It could all be so simple if we just change our minds. We literally have the power to change our moods, and circumstances within a split second.

I choose to be happy…. I choose to be in a state of peace and serenity….

Now where does that come into play as a parent? Well sir/ma’am, I’m glad that you’ve asked. You see, we are the first teachers our children see. How they act or react is a direct result of how we are. So if I’m angry, pissed off, or annoyed about something, my son may react in the same way. If I’m always yelling, my son will yell at his friends, or others outside of our home, because that’s how I act. So when I’m constantly in a bad mood, he is resonating in my dismissive energy, therefore he becomes dismissive and angry as well. So it is essential for me to CHOOSE my CHANGE.

We don’t have to be chipper and singing to birds all the time; but we should be content, and have an attitude of gratitude. We should find the things that make us happy, and reflect on them as often as possible.


I Will/Won’t be:

  • I won’t be quick to anger, instead, I’ll be patient, willing to listen and hear things out.
  • I will think things through. I will allow myself the opportunity to dissect each situation I face in order to understand what it is about it that would have made me upset in the first place, and release the potentially negative feelings back to the universe from wince they came.
  • I will Choose to be happy. (Because) Happiness is a choice.
  • I can choose to be mad about something, or I can accept the things that I cannot change, have the courage to change the things that I can, and be confident enough to move the hell-o on.
  • I won’t allow the people, places, or things in my life to affect how I act/react. This is not forever… We are here for but a brief moment, and wasting time on things that are trivial is not productive to my time spent on Earth.

change your mind


So when you think about the things that you want to earn in your life, wouldn’t those things be something of more positive value to you? I want to earn more money, more love, more affection, more friendships, more positive relationships. If we are constantly manifesting everything into our lives, we need to be in a better mental and emotional state, so that we can be the change we want to see, as well, we can be the love we want to receive. We manifested our children at some point, and now we will either manifest good things for them, or more bad energy to surround them. I personally am sick and tired of attracting the wrong damaged people into my life, as well as my son’s. Therefore going forward I want to ask the following questions to my new partners/friends, and to myself.

1. Are you open to give and receive love and attention in this relationship?
2. Are you healed from the pains of your past?
3. Do you eat ice-cream?
4. Finally…. If you want to be the love you receive, what type of love are you willing to give?

Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting….

-Be the Best Version of YOU!-

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